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Pomades, Gels, Waxes, Creams…What the hell is the difference?!

Before I became a barber I had no idea what to put in my hair. From time to time I would purchase a product at the drugstore or Wal-Mart. I really didn’t know what I liked or even how to style my hair. So instead of worrying about product choices I would just cut all my hair off. Typical guy response! Well when I became a barber things took a 180. I started to love growing my hair out and styling it. This led me into the world of pomades, clays and hair creams. I went crazy! It took a lot of attempts to find what I truly liked and worked best for me. The most important part was becoming educated on the types of products. In this post I would like to go over the basic types of styling aids for you gentlemen who are like me before I got my start. Here is quick run down of some of the most popular types today.

Pomade – These can be found in petroleum based or water based forms. Petroleum or Oil based pomade has been around for a long time. They have a super strong hold, high shine and allow your head to shed water like a rain jacket. It’s hard to wash out but can be reformed for several days. Which means you could save significant cashola. Water-based is relatively new. It washes out easy like gel. Reforms well throughout the day and can have a low to high shine. My preferred pomade is Suavecito’s water-based pomade. Great smell and holds great for an awesome price ($10-$12).

Gel – I do not use gels regularly anymore as the water-based pomades have pretty much taken their place. Gels are very light in consistency and have many levels of “hold”. They provide a wet shine and harden a lot. Gives you that crunchy feeling. I am not a huge fan of it but some folks still enjoy it. It’s all about what you like!

Waxes/ Clay/ Paste – These types of products give you a matte finish and hold quite well. Essentially they are the same type of products in different consistencies. They don’t crunch up but have serious tackiness before you apply it. Once in the hair some of the tackiness is absorbed. I prefer to put it in short hair. It sometimes gives that wind blown, salt water look that a lot of guys like. My preferred choice is Shiner Gold Clay ($15)!

Brilliantine Hair Cream – Another oldie but goody. This stuff has been on the shelves for awhile. It provides a light hold that keeps your hair from being frizzy. I enjoy it because it keeps my style but allows me to run my hands through my hair during the day. Some companies have different consistencies but legit brilliantine creme is like a lotion. Suavecito makes a killer Brilliantcreme ($10) that has simple ingredients such as beeswax and lanolin. I love the stuff!

Hopefully you will find the product that suits you in a short amount of time. Maybe you’ll find more than one so you can have several different looks. Good luck gentlemen and trust your barber!